But Harlaksh..


But Harlaksh I’m not sure whether I’m at the right place in life to go big😮

Whether I’m good enough compared to all these people who wake up early, sleep late, work so hard, have an MBA from a fancy place, work for the best firms, have a great track record, know the right people, are comfortable in front the camera, can write a book et cetera et cetera 😝

Please stop doing this to yourself🔴

Start with a low qual stupid photo, slap a red background to it and make a statement 👊

Stand out 🦸

Do something, anything, that’ll take you closer to who/what you want. 🧗

If you’re spending even one second pondering over what your life could’ve been or what it might be in some fantasy future and not going all in, you’re missing the point ⏳

Success is not reserved for the handful few 🦄

It’s available to every man, woman and child who wishes to go for it 🔥🔥