Investing early


Finally going live with Fifty Seven Capital

Been excited about this one for a while and had been working behind the scenes to get it off the ground.

It’s mainly a hold co for launching, investing & buying profitable businesses.

I’m a tinkerer, researcher & idea-explorer at heart and having a slightly structured approach to getting involved with early-stage ventures & other investments gives me a lot of joy.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I recall emailing Brad Feld (a well-known VC – Foundry Group) from 2nd year of law school (cold emailed circa 2009) asking for guidance on how to enter the Venture Capital industry. I was in Pune then.

Coming full circle after 11-12 years is fascinating for me

Prior to the Brad Feld email, I had just completed Richard Branson’s autobiography and was hooked straight away.

Of course, it was a romanticized version of what the business world is all about but I’m happy I’ve stuck through my super crappy moments and have lived to get involved with early stage ventures.

I’ve been around. Started, shut & start again so many things now.

Super excited for this one and keen to build a portfolio of good, value add businesses working with some really cool people on super ideas as we explore possibilities 🙂

– H