Scorching, shiny light..


Shine 🌟✨

When things are not going as planned, shine 🌟✨

When the world around you is telling you to sit down, shut up, tone it down, dim it down a bit, shine 🌟✨

Shine with a bright smile and boundless abundance of love in your heart 🌟✨

Shine so hard and shine so bright that the world turns around and asks you where the light in you comes from🌟✨

Where the kindness, the empathy, the wandering soul, the curious mind, the smiling kid in you, the endless stream of energy comes from.🌟✨

Shine, because the world needs more people like you to be the light when everything else seems dim.🌟🌟✨✨

Keeping the shine on, beautiful peopleπŸ”†πŸ”†βœ¨βœ¨