A new kind of debt


As we move into more knowledge work, the question arises, what core information is one relying upon to arrive at a particular conclusion?

I recently read about long-term ‘ software debt’ arising out of using poorly coded software in the early days of the development of software/tool & the real risk it poses for the future of that software to scale.

That got me thinking – how would the same apply to poor information? Relying on wrong/poor foundational information/data for knowledge workers can build up a lot of ‘debt’ considering everything stacked above it will be corrupted.

Conceded – It’s not easy to spot.

Implications of this can be large though.

In the case of software, the feedback loop is fairly straightforward – that the software will break.

In the case of wrong/poor foundational information for a knowledge worker, it could take years or decades before they ‘see’ the severity of their misjudgment.

Something to chew on & a nudge to look at foundational data/information on the work being done

Can apply this to core foundational beliefs as well – stepping into observing the human condition at its core. But that’s for another time


– H