I have something to tell you..


Everyone’s obsessed with the latest tech, tools, methods, hacks, trends and what not 🤳

But I’ll let you in on a secret 👂

Whispers – You don’t need most of those things 🗣️ You see what’s happened is that we have more power in our hands with technology and the internet than ever before (if you haven’t noticed that yet 🙄). We made a video that I uploaded to my Youtube channel & it serves as a useful example of that 🎥

A regular day at work. A few meetings across the city and we called up a friend to ask for a spare DSLR for an hour to click a few profile pictures for our website (www.superflow.media) 📸

One of our team members was clicking and decided to casually check out the video feature of the DSLR. We brainstormed for two minutes on what’s possible to do with this content 👥💬 We wrapped up our day. Went home and the next morning we have what’s been uploaded. Editing time – two hours. Raw footage – never seen more shaky footage than that 🏁

Takeaway – Use what you’ve got with where you are. Being fancy is cool only to satisfy your ego, nothing else or unless you’ve got crazy budgets 👐

Create. The not so perfect footage, slightly shaky footage, whatever footage, whatever it is that you need to create 🌟

Make it work 🔨

It’s your time now ⏳

Let’s go 🟢